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We assess, advise, protect, train, manage, and ultimately, we allow you to run and focus on growing your business with Peace of Mind

What do we do?

We give you Peace of Mind.

Our goal is to make Digital Security an integral part of your business without imposing the burden of changing the way you run it. Instead, you can focus on managing and growing your company while we take care of your cybersecurity program in a way that doesn’t impact what you do, how you do it, nor your customers’ experience.
We are well aware that Digital Security is complicated, but we make it simple for you with the support of the latest and most advanced tools and shared knowledge form our global partners.

To do so, we provide you with the most advanced technology, services, and solutions that will allow you to run your business with the serenity and peace of mind of knowing that you are protected from the latest cyber-attacks.

So, What Can We Do For You?

Digital Security Assessment, Consulting, Monitoring, Training, Innovation…

Smart SOC

Cipher’s state-of-the-art Security Operations Center provides 24x7x365 monitoring, managed endpoint threat detection, and real-time incident response (MDR). The Services utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning automation to assist our team of experts in their always-on MDR monitoring. Cipher provides a quick onboarding process that reduces the need to buy any additional software applications or licenses — we provide everything you need to ensure your laptops, desktops, and servers stay protected at all times.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Cipher provides a unique Cyber Threat Intelligence Fusion Center that combines the real-time feeds from multiple multi-national open-source and commercial services. We further tailor the combined threat intelligence to address the risks targeting each industry sector within The Kingdom. We leverage share incident information to further analyze and assess the threat/attack landscape, picking up information from the region that other feeds miss.


Every organization has some level of exposure. At Cipher, we aim to help you find the risks you have and mitigate them to a level that is acceptable to your business. We offer a number of services tailored to your industry sector and business size, including penetration testing; vulnerability assessments; governance, risk and compliance evaluations; cybersecurity awareness training; and virtual CISO services.

Cipher Innovation

At Cipher, we pride ourselves on making smart technology research and development investments designed to solve the specific, hard problems that matter in the region. We are not chasing broad commercial problems with the goal of gaining a huge venture capital return; rather, we are focused on solving the cyber problems that need resolution.

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